Breaking Down Barriers

Waking Up

 About 5 years ago, something awful happened in my life. This blog isn’t about the something awful. It’s about what came next. Like so many of the beautiful mysteries of the world, that something awful turned out to be a gift. It woke me up and allowed me to see that I, like so many other women I’ve spoken to since, was on total auto-pilot and had basically lost my identity in the process. What sprung from this realization wasn’t a solo three month hike in the mountains. While I so admire women who have the bravery and determination to tackle something of that magnitude, I was a wife, a mom and an active contributor to a two income family. I was devoted to those things and for me that meant I couldn’t embark on a soul searching journey that couldn’t live within those walls. I think that’s true for so many of us. Spontaneity on that level is just not always an option when it can’t fit into that one precious hour each day after the kids are asleep while we can still hold our eyes open.

So what are we to do when we wake up and realize that we need to conquer the suburban equivalent of the Pacific Crest Trail and get ourselves back on track? I think this answer is going to be different for absolutely everyone. It’s also not going to be NY Times Bestseller material for everyone. The first thing is getting to a place where you can realize that’s perfectly okay. The real answer? We work at it. Every single day. This blog is going to be filled with wisdom and I hope that it will be a place you can find some great inspiration that might help you find what works for YOU but hearing a little about what has worked for me and other women out there. I’ll be sharing lots of links to other blogs and guest blogs so if you’ve got wisdom and want to share it too, let me know!